About Us

Greenwave Interactive is a creative and technical partnership consisting of me, Antonia Coppen and my husband Paul Clark.

The seed of our creative collaboration was first planted one warm evening in 2016 while attending an arts festival.  We came across the estate house which had been lit up with an incredible display of graphics and beams, and were transfixed!

It’s moments like these which inspire fresh ideas and we knew then we wanted to create that same magical feeling.  Through our combination of experience, research and professional training we’ve now made the idea a reality.

Paul is a successful software engineer and self-confessed geek.  Early in his career he wrote the code and operated lasers for displays in Covent Garden and continues to write code today that drives our new innovations.

As an experienced personal development trainer I understand the importance of interaction to engage audiences and stimulate learning. I also have over 10 years of marketing and events management experience working for charities, museums and art galleries in London.

These skills and experience combined with a keen interest in theatrical staging, sound editing, choreography and science education have formed the foundation of our original take on light art. As STEAM artists we’re motivated to develop experiences that create a sense of wonder, intrigue the mind and inspire people to think differently.

With our trusty Land Rover, Lizzie, we can perform in almost any location; woodland trail, beach festival or Cornish mine!