Community Events & Festivals

Programme unique experiences for festive light events, festivals, themed celebrations and charity events.

We create performances and installations that fit the theme of an event, highlight the features of a location and add excitment and interaction to engage audiences of all ages and ability.

Our laser performances have been projected up to 50metres high onto cliff-faces, monuments and mapped onto a satelite dish at the Apollo50 Festival at Goonhilly Earth Station. Inspired by the Mayflower400 celebrations and coastal location our Laser Halyard was exhibited at the Illuminate Festival in Plymouth. It combined  traditional maritime practises and materials with engineering principles, custom software and laser technology to create a ‘hands on’ seafaring experience for visitors.

We enjoy experimenting with a diverse range of lighting technology in our work to surprise and intrigue audiences. Using Ultraviolet we converted a woodland into an interactive winter wonderland, including a flourescent art gallery to enable visitors to draw with light and a retro UV lounge. Our facsination with LED technology motivated us to design custom software to create tailored patterns which highlighted the site-specific features of an underground tunnel and the iconic shape of a vintage vehicle.

Please view our gallery for videos and photographs of this work and more.

We are always developing new  ideas and thinking up innovative ways to apply technology to create unique interactive light and sound experiences to engage and fascinate audiences.  Ask us about our latest plans!

We enjoy working with other creative practitioners in developing fresh ideas and new applications for lighting technology and would be interested in discussing any project innovations or collaborations that would enrich your event or festival.

We can tailor performances and experiences to your audiences and work with your budget.  Please contact us to discuss your event.